About Us

Here at Collegiate Soccer USA

We are dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive college soccer recruiting consultancy.  With our extensive knowledge of the college game and the recruiting process we will put you in the best possible position to gain that elusive spot on a college roster.  Our expert staff consists of former NAIA, NCAA and NJCAA players and coaches along with ex-professional players from Europe.   We have a scouting network that reaches all over the world.

Our vast database of colleges ensures that each client will be promoted to hundreds of coaches throughout the United States.

gradOur policy is to assess each of our clients ability and give them a realistic idea of the level of play in which they may participate in the United States. Our staff is made up of former college players who have had first hand experience of playing at the collegiate level in the United States.  We understand how difficult this process can be and our job is to make your transition to the U.S as  smooth as possible. There are over $1.4 billion spent on athletic scholarships in the Unites States every year. Our mission is to provide you with the opportunity to earn one of these highly competitive scholarships.

Thank you, CSU team

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Collegiate Soccer USA offer?

Collegiate Soccer USA is the premier college soccer recruiting consultancy, working with players from all over the world, bringing them to Colleges and Universities all across the United States. We offer an in depth consultation service that takes you step by step through the scholarship process.

What is the cost to join Collegiate Soccer USA?

Collegiate Soccer USA has a one-time fee of 2000 Dollars. This fee will provide each client with our service for the duration of their college career.

  • Personal online profileA profile will be created for you, including a game play video, and various information highlighting your skills - both as an athlete and as a student.
  • Opportunities and eligibility infoWith our huge amount of experience in college soccer we can answer any query you could possibly have regarding the recruitment process, life in the USA, the visa Process or anything else you would like more information on.
  • CSU personal promotionOnce we have compiled all the information about you, we will be able to assess which colleges most suit you, we will then actively promote you to all the colleges in our vast database, with whom we have great relationships, that we feel fit you as a player and as a student.
  • 1 on 1 consultationYou will be assigned your own personal consultant who will work with you throughout the entire college recruitment process, you and your parents will have constant access to your consultant, you will be a priority to your consultant will recieve the most personal of service.
  • Athletic/academic reviewOnce we have recieved your completed registration, we will assess the academic and athletic standard exhibited and find the establishment that you suit and that suits you most.
  • SAT/ACT informationWe will find the most convinient time and place for you to take the SAT, we will send you all the information you need to register and take the SAT.
  • SAT prep book
  • NCAA/NAIA guidanceThe clearinghouse is how college sports governing bodies go about insuring student athletes meet the academic and amatuerism requirements to be eligible to play. we will guide you through this process and insure you have all the information you need to prove your eligiblity as smoothly as possible.
  • visa processing guidanceThe visa process can be the most complicated aspect of coming to the states to further your education. Your personal consultant will be there with expert advice whenever you need it.
  • league eligibility informationEach of the three governing bodies have different requirments for student athletes to be declared eligible, these rules can be quite complex, our in debth expertise will be invaluable to our clients during this process.
  • 24 hr. response guaranteeOnce registered we guarantee you will have a response from your consultant within 24 hours to any query, question or suggestion you may have.
  • Continued assistanceThis unique service is our way of showing we have the most personal relationships with our clients, we will continue to assist you throughout your college career with any issues may have.

When is the best time to sign with CSU?

The sooner the better. The sooner you sign, the sooner we can begin working on your profile and marketing you to coaches throughout the United States.  We prefer to sign players 9 months- 2 years prior to attending college in the United States.

Will I be expected to pay any other fees?

Yes, you will be expected to pay all third party fees which include the SAT, Clearinghouse, and Immigration fees, as well as travel costs i.e. flights back and forth to the U.S. Here are the third party fees below.

SAT Exam : $81.

NCAA Clearinghouse or NAIA Eligibility center: $120 (NCAA), $95 (NAIA).

Transcript evaluation i.e WES or Joseph Siliny: $100-$180.

U.S Student Visa application fee and immigration  fee: $160 + $200.

Flights will not be included in the scholarship.

What kind of scholarship will I receive and what will it cover?

Every scholarship is not the same. Scholarships range from 0% - 100%. Most athletes receive anywhere from 60-90% scholarship. Only the best players receive full scholarships. The amount of scholarship money a player receives depends on both their soccer and academic abilities. Many soccer scholarships can cost between 3,000 and 12,000 dollars per year. This fee would include tuition, books, room and b Full scholarships are very rare!!

How do I get accepted into Collegiate Soccer USA?

First, you will need to fill out our free online application. Once you have applied, you will be contacted regarding a tryout. At our tryout we will assess your soccer skills and decide if you are capable of playing in the United States. If we decide that you are capable, we will then take you through the rest of your assessment by evaluating your academic abilities and discussing your budget.

What requirements must I meet in order to play college soccer?

In order to play college soccer you must have the equivalent of a High School Diploma which would be your Leaving Certificate or pass 5 subjects in the GCSE. You must also have never signed a professional contract or had an agent.

How does insurance work once in the United States?

Each client will be insured by private health insurance generally issued by the college, the average cost can be from 400-600 euros per year. The client will also be insured by the college when participating in training or official games.

What is the SAT/ACT?

SAT The SAT is a standardized test for most college admissions in the United States. The test is directed by College Board who share a lot of information on www.collegeboard.org . The SAT is intended to assess a student?s readiness for college and often determines which colleges he or she may be able to attend. The SAT exam consists of three major sections: Critical reading, mathematics and writing. Each section receives a score on the scale of 200?800. Total scores are calculated by adding up scores of the three sections Collegiate Soccer USA clients will receive SAT preparations materials, guidance on SAT registration and information in regards to SAT dates and deadlines.

ACT The ACT is an achievement test for college admissions in the United States. Some students who perform poorly on the SAT find that they perform better on the ACT and vice versa The ACT test is made of 4 tests: English, Math, Reading, and Science reasoning.  All four-year colleges and universities in the U.S. accept the ACT. The ACT can be taken instead of the SAT. It is not as widely available to sit in as many countries as the SAT. More information is available by clicking on the  on the link below. http://www.actstudent.org/regist/